Advisor for the protection of the Trademark and Patent – Brand Protection

Protection of trademarks and Patents:
Over the years Brand Protection has become more and more important since it creates an added value for the product given by the exclusivity of the brand and / or the originality of the patent.  Therefore the studies of business consultancy for the registration of Trademarks as well as the studies of legal advice specialized in this matter need an “operational arm”. It has the task of ascertaining the activity of counterfeiting, through specific techniques and activities diversified depending on the needs. By using well-trained experts SKA SIKURA offers services aimed at the protection of the Trademark and the Intellectual Property and capable of meeting the specific needs of professional firms and businesses owning Brands.

  • Investigations concerning trademark counterfeiting: gathering of evidence (documentary and photo-video-audio), purchase of samples;
  • Standard Investigations;
  • Managing Contacts with the Police and on-spot assistance during searches and seizures;
  • Technical surveys;
  • Contacts and interventions at the Customs;
  • Organization and start-up of computerized procedure to transmit instances of protection to the Customs, as well the relevant management, updating and renewal.