Defensive technology for Companies:
Our organisation is in a position to offer our customers a service of environmental and phone reclamation carried out with special  first-rate  equipment that enables us to find out the presence of any system of audio or audio/video intrusion,  not only when it is on  but also when it is off . We  check phone and power lines and effect a monitoring of the frequencies of possible radio broadcasting systems at a distance.  We also support the customer in the choice of all the countermeasures to minimize the risk of possible subsequent wiretapping and carry out investigations to cope with any problem related to news leak.

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Business information:

To check the reliability of a customer or the seriousness of potential business partners (corporate structures, partners interests ,  protests, financial statements, ownership of real estates, bankruptcies, interdictions of signatures);

Investigations about industrial counter-espionage and unfair competition:

Thefts, sabotage, unauthorized accesses, protection of a company know-how;

Checks on the reliability and loyalty of collaborators – representatives and partners:

Morality, solvency, negativity, behaviours and acquaintances;

Property Investigations:

To identify hidden assets and property in order to collect debts;

Legal practices and Defensive Investigations:
we offer any investigative, technological advice by working together with the best expert Agencies (DNA – Fingerprints – Drug Test – Handwriting analysis, ballistics reports and scientific analysis in general). We also carry out all the investigations concerning Civil Cases and Penal Defence as required by the Law 397/2000 such as: research of evidence, finding witnesses, data or inquiries necessary in any degree of the trial activity. These activities are provided with the documents appropriate to the presentation in criminal and / or civil proceedings together with relevant evidence. When necessary, everything is supported by photos and day and night video shots.;

Checking of inventory differences:
Inside department stores we carry out services designed to identify the causes of shortages and / or inventory differences in the goods on sale. We agree to give a detailed account of the departments  that are mostly affected by these phenomena and to put them right. The labelling is effected by duly trained staff with the aim of applying ” electronic, technological labels” on to the goods so that the products can be easily traced and their thefts prevented.