Investigations and Defensive Technology for Companies

SKA SIKURA offers Customer environmental and telephone reclamation service carried out with specific equipment of the highest quality. These devices allow to detect the presence of any audio or audio/video intrusion system, both working and off. Telephone and electrical lines are also checked and the frequencies of any remote radio transmission systems are monitored.
SKA Sikura also supports its Customer in the choice of all countermeasures to minimize the risk of possible subsequent interceptions and it carries out investigative services to deal with any problems related to the leakage of information.

Business information:

SKA Sikura supports its client in verifying the reliability of a customer or the integrity of business partners (corporate structure, shareholders’ interests, bill of exchange protests, balance sheets, ownership of real estate, bankruptcies, disqualifications from signing)

Investigations about industrial counter-espionage and unfair competition:

Thefts, sabotage, unauthorized accesses, protection of a company know-how;

Checks on the reliability and loyalty of collaborators – representatives and partners:

Morality, solvency, negativity, behaviours and acquaintances;

Property Investigations:

To identify hidden assets and property in order to collect debts;

Legal practices and Defensive Investigations:

Infedeltà coniugale, controllo figli, bullismo, mobbing, stalking (molestia assillante) e cybercrime, rintraccio persone d’interesse. La raccolta di prove ed informazioni viene effettuata con la massima professionalità e discrezione al fine di fornire un resoconto certo e fruibile sia nell’ambito della sfera privata, sia in ambito giudiziario;

Checking of inventory differences

SKA Sikura carries out services within sales points to identify the causes of the shortages and/or shrinkage of the goods offered. It reports which departments are most affected by problems and it provides efficient remedies. In order to guarantee the most efficient support, SKA Sikura has in its team professionals on “Electronic technology labels” who label the ones that have been selected in order to trace them and mostly, to prevent theft!